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How to Press Flowers in 3 Easy Steps at Home - The Beginner Friendly Guide to Flower Pressing

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Connect with nature and try a new hobby.

Flower pressing is a beautiful sentimental hobby that anyone can try, and today you will learn how to press your very own special flowers at home by following these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Collecting your flowers

Let's get straight into the fun part! Collecting flowers is a relaxing and joyful process that connects you with nature and brings you into the present moment. Search for flowers that are flat and have a single layer of petals, these will press easier. Australian Native species such as wattle and eucalyptus leaves are a fantastic option to press as they are dry, press easily and maintain their vibrant colour when pressed. Be mindful when picking flowers, only take what you need and press the flowers immediately after picking if possible to preserve their shape and colour.

Step 2: Pressing your flowers

If you do not own a flower press, you can easily press your flowers at home with just three items:

  • A large book

  • Absorbent paper (tissue paper, thin cardboard, newspaper)

  • A heavy weight or simply: more heavy books!

Prepare your flowers by removing any leaves or stems you don't want, trim or cut them into shape if needed. Open your book and spread out a piece of your absorbent paper so it is flat, arrange your flowers as you would like and add another piece of paper on top. Avoid layering flowers on top of each other so they can dry properly. Carefully close the book and leave it in a dry and dark place. Add a weight or some heavy books on top to ensure the flowers are properly pressed.

Step 3: Now simply wait and see!

Now your flowers just need some time to dry. Different species require a different amount of time, however as a general guide leave your flowers for 3-6 weeks. If you want to try a quicker method to dry your flowers: keep on reading! Avoid checking your flowers too early, just like flipping a pancake when it isn't cooked yet and it falls apart (oh no) - delicate flowers can do this too if you open the book too soon.

Can I press my flowers faster?

You sure can! This method isn't as easy as the book pressing method, but it can give you some interesting and fast results. You just need your absorbent paper, a microwave and a ceramic microwave-friendly plate. Arrange your flowers in between two sheets of absorbent paper, then place them in a microwave with the plate on top. You can weigh the plate down with a bowl of water if needed. Try microwaving 30 seconds first, then check your flowers. Keep microwaving for 10 second increments until the flowers feel dry and you can remove them from the paper. They may stick to your paper, so be gentle with your flowers if you try this method. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful floral scents that will fill the air as you microwave your flowers!

What next?

Want to preserve your special flowers in resin jewellery? Stay tuned for our blog post on how you can preserve your own flowers in resin, or let me preserve your pressed flowers for you! Just get in touch with me here and I can turn your flowers into sentimental jewellery. Preserving flowers in resin is a beautiful way to preserve the beauty of nature long-term. If you'd like to see an example of how we preserve our pressed flowers in resin you can view our botanical collection by clicking here.

I hope this guide has helped you press your own beautiful flowers at home and immersed you in the beauty of nature, happy pressing!

Bre Lily

Lover and preserver of flowers at Eucalypse.


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