The Eucalypse Story...

The inspiration for Eucalypse grew from a love and appreciation of Australian Native flowers.

Hello, my name is Bre. I am the owner and lead designer at Eucalypse. I grew up in the bush capital, Canberra, so I have always been surrounded by vibrant Australian Native plants. As Spring sprung back in 2018, I was passing by some wattle admiring its gorgeous yellow glow. We only see wattle for a few cherished weeks in Canberra before it fades to a deep yellow as it dries and disappears for another year. While admiring our national flower, I was inspired. I foraged for some wattle and took it home to press, determined to try and preserve it. I will always remember the first day I made a piece of wattle jewellery, I can’t quite explain the feeling but it sparked something within me that eventuated into a full-time business that I love with all my heart.

It is a pleasure preserving gorgeous flowers in jewellery, I hope that Eucalypse jewellery connects you with nature and makes you feel even more beautiful than you already are. Thank you so much for reading.

-Bre 💚

Inspired by nature. Uniquely Australian.