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 We support the
Tree Planting Program
by Carbon Positive Australia

Trees Planted


With your support, we are able to donate to the Tree Planting Program by Carbon Positive Australia.

Eucalypse has a goal to plant 10,000 trees, your continued support will help us achieve this goal!

Carbon Positive Australia carefully select native species that support natural ecosystems and wildlife, creating habitats that are more resilient to Australia’s climate. They also:

  • Educate, engage and inform the community about climate change, the environment and how we can all be part of the solution

  • Generate reforestation carbon offsets / credits

  • Restore our unique natural biodiverse habitat

  • Research carbon emission reduction and ways to offset our impact on the environment

  • Collaborate with other environmental organisations

Learn more here:

Carbon Positive Australia Community Logo
Carbon Positive Australian Registered Charity badge
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Thank you for your support

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