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Pressed flower jewellery

Embrace the beauty of Aussie nature..

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Crafted with intention..

Carry a special piece of Australian nature with you everywhere you go. Eucalypse jewellery is handcrafted with the intention of connecting you with the beauty of the Australian bush.

Discover our range of botanical resin earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets infused with the magic of Australian native flora.

Crafted in our family run jewellery studio in Canberra, Australia.

Bre Lily the owner of Eucalypse jewellery handcrafting pressed flower resin jewellery in her Canberra based jewellery studio
Dried wattle being cut and pressed

As seen in
'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart'
on Amazon Prime

I had the honour of collaborating with Amazon Prime  to create botanical resin pieces for the Australian TV series 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart'.

I crafted Sigourney Weaver's character June a collection of resin charms for her bracelet, as well as pendants for the characters Twig and Candy. You can also spot some of my charms hanging in June's flower studio, as well as some wattle charms hanging in her car. 

This incredible show addresses the theme of domestic abuse head on, while encompassing the wild beauty of the Australian landscape, using native wildflowers as a language to express the inexpressible.

It was truly an honour to be involved.

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Necklace Shot 3.png
Hanging Flora.png
Our Story
Giving back

With your support, we can donate to charities that mean a lot to us.

We currently support koalas in the wild & contribute to a native tree planting program to restore Australian habitats and make them more resilient to the climate.

A koala sitting on a eucalyptus tree in the wild
A man holding a tree seedling planting trees with Carbon Positive Australian program to restore the habitat
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